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Label PVsyst ASHRAE IAM Model as Deprecated


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Hi, I don't have data to upload now (I can provide as needed), however, the new IAM models available in PVsyst based on Fresnel Equations and Snell's Law are much more accurate for real-world PV modules than the ASHRAE model. I suggest leaving the ASHRAE IAM model in PVsyst for posterity (& important comparisons) & labeling it as "deprecated" (so it's available but users are no longer inclined to use it). On a related note, I also suggest changing the default IAM profile in PVsyst to the custom IAM profile for "normal" glass (again, based on Fresnels Equations & Snell's Law). (NB: I'm on v6.8.8.) If a module manufacturer opts to apply an anti-reflective coating ARC to a given module type & they wish to represent it in the PVsyst .PAN file, they can update it to the "AR coating" setting to "reflect" that (pun intended) and achieve the associated gains over whatever timescale is expected for the given O&M processes (e.g., module cleaning), specific weather events, soiling compositions (e.g., organics build-up), and general weathering (wear-and-tear of all the elements--full spectra of light incl. UV, humidity, mechanical loads, temperatures, &c.). Thanks.
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