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Re-importing PVsyst weather data


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Hello, looking for some help uploading an exported weather that I have edited. I exported the file to a CSV file (comma separated) and made a view small adjustments to some of the inputs based on measured site data. When I try to re-import using a custom file I keep getting a time shift error that I can't seem to correct. I have even tried exporting the file and then importing without making any changes to see if the error was from my edits but still have the same error. Any help would be appreciated.

I have attempted to edit my csv file to fit into the PVsyst Standard format, but am getting an error when trying to read the latitude for some reason. Does the GeneveSTD.CSV example listed in the help page exist somewhere? I go to the location specified in the help but there is nothing there.

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When importing a custom weather file, create a new conversion format based on your data file. There is a place to update the time shift. You will need to import the meteo file first each time to see the time shift, and then go back and adjust in the conversion format as shown.

If you want to upload the excel file for your data as a template, I can create a conversion format file for you. Just fill in all of the data with 1's, leave the headers, date, and other formatting as is.



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