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Rs & Rshunt modelization. Apparent bug


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Hello André and Team,

Simulating a PV Plant with our Client .pan file (defined parameters by 3rd Party tests) we realized there was a problem with Rs definition. I´m attaching warning of too high Rs definition, so we made a simple test: We created a new module definition with half Rs value (0,059 instead 0,118) and we surprised that simulation yield was similar even a little bit worse.

As we know if Rs decreases, gamma increases, I-V curve "flatten" and module power decreases, at least in our understanding (please correct me if I am wrong). Is it PVsyst model correct??

It is charted in your tool (you can see it also at the images we attach) that changes are minor indeed, yes in this case a little bit better shape factor with Rs = 0,059 (half Rs), but a minor difference (but gamma now is higher!)

Is it something wrong with simulation and/or graphical tool? What am i missing?

We hope this could be analyzed, best regards




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> Specifically beyond that, I dont know.

But you do.

Particular items are selected for clearing.

So which do you have selected?

I believe there was a thread last week in the FF forums... ?


Are you answering this topic? Please need clear answers, maybe not as detailed as my questions but at least reasonably clear.

"If you are unable of explaining smth with simplicity it means you dont fully understand it" Albert Einstein

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