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Partition in module chaince


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I coundn't find the answer for my question, so I ask here.

I'm trying to make a simulation with "Partition in module chaince" where I have a row with 3 strings on it. (see the pic.)

How I need to do it right way, to get 3 (or 2) strings on the same row, but with different amount of moduls for each string?

I have 5.66V of PVsyst

Thank you.



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The "partition in module chains" doesn't always provide an accurate calculation, it is just an approximation for estimating an upper limit of the electrical loss.

In such complex layouts it is indeed not well suited. In this particular case you should perhaps define 3 (or 4) rectangles vertically.

The accurate calculation for such a complex case can be done in the version 6, option "Module Layout", where you can specify the position of each module of each chain.

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