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Electrical ohmic losses %. which base??


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Hello Team,

In electrical ohmic losses dialog box, we set the inputs of LV/MV losses in a certain %. But it is important to know which base we are using. For example, in DCLV electrical losses it is common to use peak power, and in ACLV inverter nominal power (at design temperature). ACMV is a little bit tricky and some ppl use certain base and others another base.

But we are seeing that the base is the same for all 3 configurations, I am attaching an example. In this example you it is proved that DCLV basement is STC so peak power (ok) but for AC, we are seeing a strange basement (it seems like it is STC DC corrected by european inverter efficiency). In this example it is the same for both LV and MV = 118.124 kW, whereas the peak power STC is 119.750 kWp

Which base this is standing for? Is it what we suspect (STC x european efficiency)?

Thanks in advance, BR Tecnun



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