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GlobBak (W/m2) exportation parameter


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Hello Team,

We are wondering if the GlobBak parameter simulated and exported to csv reflects exactly the effective irradiance on rear side of a bifacial module that it is receiving, or it must be multiplied by the bifaciality factor. e.g: GlobBak = 200 W/m2 x 0,7 = 140 W/m2

This question comes from the calculation that SANDIA method does of Voc every hour of the year. They say we must multiply it but we are not sure, in fact we believe the bifaciality affects only on the yield conversion but not in irradiances, so Voc is affected by 200 W/m2 in the example, and so cell temperature variations, to build a Voc = f (Irrandiance, cell temp) basically.


PD: By the way...which method PVsyst employes to calculate hourly Voc or Vmppt?

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