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Modeling Bifacial single axis trackers on a tilted plane


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I am trying to model a tracker array with bifacial modules on a terrain that is 2.6° tilted to the north.

We modelled the project at 0° axis tilt earlier as the trackers would be made horizontal by having different height posts. However, also wanted to model it with the axis tilt of the terrain just to see what the yield difference would be.

The issue is as soon as I adjust the tracker axis tilt(-2.6°) in the shade scene and update the orientation, I get the following error:

Your PV System is for the bifacial 2d model comparison. You should choose "Unlimited trackers" in the "Orientation" part, or define regular tracker array(s) with N/S horizontal axis in the 3d.

This work fine if I change the axis tilt back to 0, but throws this error as soon as I change the tilt. Also, if I choose the unlimited tracker option, there is still no option to define an axis tilt.

Is there a workaround for this issue?

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Currently the bifacial model in PVsyst that is used for trackers, allows only a horizontal axis and a flat terrain.

The error message is not very clear on that, it should be improved.

Allowing an axis tilt for bifacial trackers would only be useful in combination with a possible terrain slope, and both should be able to vary independently of each other. This will need considerable reworking of the bifacial model.

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Hello. I have the same issue. I am also trying to model bifacial with SAT with a slight tilt. I get the same error message.

If I turn off near shading it seems to accept the model but of course I would like to run the model with near shading on.

Is there anyway to approximate the tilt in the model, keep the shading analysis and generate the report?



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