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How to design the array for uneven number of strings and modules on single inverter


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Hi :)

I'm preparing a simulation for solar farm and my arrays look like this:

(inverter x strings / modules in the single string)

4 x 48/33

2 x 24/32

1 x 10/32 and 2/33

My issue is the last inverter. How to config PVsyst so it can show two different configurations in one inverter?

There is single inverter that has 12 strings. 10 strings of 12 overall have 32 modules, 2 strings of 12 overall have 33 modules.

It's easy for first two configurations as I just make 2 sub-arrays, but I'm lost at 3rd sub-array for the last inverter.

I was trying to use multi-MPPT feature but I havent found any step by step explenation how to use it.

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Search the forums, there are some existing posts.


Arrays 1 and 2 are straight forward. Arrays 3 and 4 in PVsyst are the two configurations for the last array. In these two arrays, you will check the mppt share box, and balance power

Subarray 1: 48 strings, 33 modules in series, 4 inverters total

Subarray 2: 24 strings, 32 modules in series, 2 inverters total

Subarray 3: 10 strings, 32 modules in series, 5 mppt inputs (check "use mppt sharing")

Subarray 4: 2 strings, 33 modules in series, 1 mppt input (check "use mppt sharing")

I dont know what inverter you are using, but you can modify it to have 6 mppt inputs. Allocate 5 to subarray 3, and 1 to subarray 4. The link above should help. This will be equal to 1 inverter.

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