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When using explorador meteo file in ver.7.1, only 2016 data is linked.

The same problem is repeated in ver.6.7.8

There was no such problem before, but in recently that problem has been repeated.

I attached pictures for explanation, I downloaded 'Datos Horarios PVsyst data' in the C.

If let me know how to fix it, I would be very grateful.




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Dear soojin,

The import worked correctly, what you imported was the multi-year hourly time series, which means every year is imported into separate .MET files (the one you have in your project is the last one for 2016). You can see in the screenshot below that the import creates 13 files for 2004 to 2016. This is done because PVsyst only simulates a single year of data. If you want to use all 13 years, you can look into the Aging tool or the Batch simulation.




If you want a single file that represent the average for your place, you have to import the TMY with Sam format, see below for which source to chose.






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