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performance ratio comparison


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When we compare the performance of two similar power plants in terms of the location of the power plant. , we compare the "PR" parameter of the performance ratio.

This "PR" is based on "E-grid", "globinc" and "Pnompv". (PR = E-grid / globinc * Pnompv)

The "Pnompv" parameter is equal in two places.

For example, these two sites; One is in the north and the other is in the south.

Compare with "PR" will be shown in comparison no shading and partial shading for two different location.

Should we or can we replace "globEFF" with "globinc" in the "PR" formula?

And when do we use globEff in calculation and design?


best Regards,

Alireza Taheri

E-mail: Alireza.taheri@srbiau.ac.ir

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