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Why is far shading treated as a loss?


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In PVsyst the incoming energy to the system (GlobInc) is the same when we load an horizon profile or not. I think this is not correct, plase correct me if I'm wrong, because the beam component hidden by the far object is "seen" neither by the modules nor the pyranometers, is a portion of energy that don't reach the system. I mean that is not an incoming energy to the system, and is not therefore a loss.

Is clear that far shadings affect the generation (E_Grid ), but is not so clear they affect the PR, because the energy that not get into the system, because of the presence of a far object, makes E_Grid to be minor respect the value of this without a far object, but the denominator of the PR ecuation is also minor.

As a summary, in my oppinion the loss of energy due to far shadings should make the GlobInc to be reduced, but not appearing in the loss diagram. This is not an inefficiency of the system.

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