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Modeled GPI Doesn't Same Imported Measured GPI?


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PVsyst v6.84: I am bringing in estimated irradiance information from an inclined worldwide POA pyranometer (GlobInc otherwise known as GPI). I would anticipate that Mod GlobInc should precisely line up with the Mes GlobInc that I am bringing in; notwithstanding, this isn't the situation.

The initially estimated GlobInc esteem is 446.7 W/m^2. After bringing in, I take a gander at the demonstrated GlobInc esteem at the equivalent timestamp. GlobInc (Hay model) for a similar tilt and azimuth is 416.0 W/m^2. Along these lines, there is a 7% deviation b/w Mes and Mod GlobInc at this timestamp (on occasion the deviations are bigger than 7%).

The deviations are quite bigger at the edges of the day (morning/evening) contrasted with around sun oriented early afternoon.

I have set PVsyst to utilize the Hay rendering model per the accompanying post:

Another note: For both Hay and Perez, it reports albedo = 0.2 for GlobInc; in any case, there is no alternative to characterize albedo when bringing in exceptionally estimated irradiance. Should albedo be a client contribution to the customs information import apparatus?

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