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Add Reference Object for POA Irradiance


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It would be helpful if PVsyst added a new shade scene object, called irradiance sensor or anything similar, to be inserted into the shade scene. This will allow users to place the device where and how their measurement device(s) exist in the field, and capture the POA irradiance accordingly. This object outputs in the 8760 the POA irradiance onto it as a new variable to the 8760. Energy calculations will not change, it is simply providing a new reference irradiance from the existing shade scene and model.

As it is now, the weighted average method using each table in the shade scene for POA irradiance, does not capture the effect of complex terrain when very often plants are constructed with 1-2 measurement devices, and are performance tested with respect to these 1-2 devices. This will simplify the process and remove the need for multiple variants.

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