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IT Suggestions to make managed installs easier


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My IT department has an onerous multi-month long process for software vetting and updating.

I asked them if there was any way that PVsyst could be updated more frequently, or could be kept up to date with the newer versions, and they took some time to research PVsyst's functioning, and finally suggested the following:


  • PVsyst currently needs administrative access to install, however this does not appear to be necessary based on the system resources and libraries used. IT suggests that the program could be updated to install and run in userspace without admin approval, which would make it easier to update.
  • If PVsyst included an internal tool to update itself (even if just on the minor versions) this would enable the software to be approved and to keep itself up to date.


I hope that future versions fo PVsyst can include this functionality.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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Removing the administrative access requirement would also enable users to download the patches and updates without needing extensive administrative approval.

I'm sure you're aware of this, but Microsoft has a tool called the Standard User Analyzer, especially for this purpose. The SUA will allow your programmers to find and fix all areas where the program requires elevated access in a streamlined manner.


Happy New Year!

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