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One string with same optimizers / different module models / same electrical characteristics


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Hello everyone!

I am trying to simulate a BIPV facade where there are different PV module's models.

These different models are needed because we need to customize PV modules to suit the facade accordingly to architectural shapes.

It has been decided to realize strings with optimizers connecting different module models.

To give you an example:

-> string #1

> 6 optimizers, where each optimizer is connected to 2 modules "model A" in series

> 8 optimizers, where each optimizer is connected to 3 modules "model B" in series

The voltage of the 3 modules "model B" equals the voltage of the 2 module "model A". The optimizers, indeed, are of the same model.

Is it possible to model a string made of same optimizers connecting different module' models but with the same electrical characteristics?

Thank you in advance for any support you could give me.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your kind answer.

Regarding the creation of sub-arrays, it a way to solve the problem.

However, it is not representative of the real BIPV project and it means that a different inverter has to be selected.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for your attention!

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For the moment no, PVsyst does not allow to simulate a string composed of several types of PV module.

A string must consist of only one type of PV module.

The sub-array method allows you to simulate your installation with different characteristics of the PV module connected to the same inverter (see Power Sharing)

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