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7.1 report output


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We usually work on very large sites (100+MW on hilly terrain) and the shadings simulations improvements of the last years helped us a lot.

Now, with 7.1, the shadings calculations for a 120MW project finished in around 40 minutes, that is great, BUT then just to output the report, it took more than 2 hours.

It used to take maybe 10 minutes in 6.88 and we already thought it was slow, seen that it just outputs text and some simple graphs and one small image of the 3D scene (that could be pre-rendered because we set the report view in the 3D scene editor).

Other points related to the new report:

1) including your big logo in every page increases the file size of the output without adding anything to it.

2) please let us set defaults for all projects, or at least for each project, about what pages we want to include or how many decimals to use.

3) please make it so the number of decimals for the values in the report are all the same. Now, also if we set 3 decimals, for example, the transposition factor effect on the irradiation is reported with 1 decimal anyway.

On a different subject:

I sent you an email directly to support email because the support messaging on the website doesn't let me attach other than images and I needed to send you a project file that acts strangely. I didn't get any response for over a week and any post on this forum seems to be forgotten. Other users usually reply with helpful info but some times we would need a more official answer and/or some info that only PVsyst people can provide. Please try and improve not only the software but the support system we pay for every year.

Best regards

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Hello Michele,

Thank you for all these improvement ideas.

About the slow report generation, I couldn't find any mail from you about it, maybe you can try to host it somewhere and send us the link ?

We put a lot of efforts answering to emails and if one of your mails gets no response then you should send us a reminder.

Actually this forum is meant to be an FAQ as well as a space for PVsyst users to exchange or help each others. We do provide some support when we come around here, but the best you should expect is from emails.

An additional note : the PVsyst license doesn't include technical support, we provide it for free and we try to help all users equally.

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The email I sent wasn't about the report but about a strange behavior when changing project settings for orientations detecting.

I understand that we don't pay for support but we pay the software and therefore any bug and its solution becomes your responsibility.

Your answer didn't provide any constructive info so please, once more, advice on how to solve these problems because our work depends on it.

Best regards

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