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Cannot view reports from older versions in 7.1.0


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Hello PVsyst team,

I have just updated to version 7.1.0 but I have come across a problem - I can't view reports for projects that are pre-existing from older versions (7.0 and below).

I can modify the system details, etc. and run simulations, but when I click Report the software does not respond, and hangs using ~15% CPU (it does not crash so there is no way to report the bug).

I've created a new project with 7.1.0 and have no problem viewing the report, the problem is only with projects that were created before 7.1.0.

EDIT: I've just created a new project to replicate one I had made in 7.0, but I have the same issue when I try generate a report after simulation. I think it could be to do with the shading scene image rendering? I have no issue generating a report without a shading scene. The shading scene is tables on a hill, 80MWp, with a few hundred trees.

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Exactly the same situation with me since Friday, 27 Nov. The Bug report shows

"Access violation at address 0000000000145D638 in module PVsyst.exe. Read of adress 0000000000000D0"

Will appreciate some feedback as we cannot move on all old projects

Thank you in advance

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