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TArrMes ignored

Pierre Dumont

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Hello all,

When defining the import format file of the meteorological data, it is possible to tick quantities such as GlobHor an associate it with a column. My meteo file has three columns that I defined as GlobHor, T_Amb and TArrMes (i.e. resp. Global horizontal irradiation, Ambient temperature and Mesured module temperature).

Everything is fine until I start the conversion: in the panel "conversion information" only GlobHor and T_Amb appear to be taken into account, TArrMes seems ignored. And indeed, after the simulation, the results given by TArray variable are exactly the same as the ones I have without specifying the TArrMes column in the meteo data.

For the sake of trying, I associated other variables to my column, such as wind velocity, and PVsyst seems to accept it. The problem appears to be TArrMes. Does anyone had the issue and know how to fix it, if it is even possible?

By the way, what is the difference between TArrMes and TArray? (why two different terms for what seems to be the same physical quantity?)

Thank you in advance for your answer,



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