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How to shade a row for a PV tracking system?


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I have a tracking system with an array(20 Nb X modules and 2 Nb Y modules - 2 strings and 1 inverter) and I would like to shade one of the rows completely and observe how it affects the power output. I tried the following ways but couldn't succeed.


I chose "Horiz. axis, unlimited trackers" under orientation section and set the left inactive band to the width of the module (so that the bottom row in inactive and top row is active)

But in this case I think PVsyst is changing the array configuration (40 Nb X modules and 1 Nb Y modules) because I am getting almost the same power output as before without shading.


I chose "Tracking tilted or horiz N-S axis" and created 3D model tracking system but I couldn't able to shade a row completely. The object I created is stationary and is not moving with the PV tracker

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You are essentially shading 50% of your system the entire time? To get backtracking you need minimum of two tracker rows in a tracking field. Create two tracker fields, each with 2 trackers. Place one inside a parallelepipede. See image.


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