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simulation results of ''as built'' plants


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I am new to PVsyst and the solar energy industry in general. I am a masters student and My thesis is on pv plants' simulation and my case studies are some already existing plants. I have a full license of PVsyst.

PVsyst is one of the main tools i use in my work.

The plant started operation some years ago and I would like to simulate it and compare PVsyst results with real results. I inserted the inputs related to the components like (modules,inverters, array configuration defining number of strings and modules etc.) and I also set the plant nominal power as the desired power to be harvested in the upper section (presizing help). I used the already existing meteo file of metenorm and pvgis for the first rough simulation for now.

My questions are,

the results which i get are average of some years or what does it reflect exactly? I only have this '1990' as a generic year which I don't understand that much.

What can I do to get simulation results for the first,second, third ...tenth year of operation and so on of this particular plant that started operation in 2011?

a year by year results, is that allowed in PVsyst? If yes, how can I get these detailed results?

Is this generic year an averaged value of the entire period of operation of the plant?

The next step is to import real measured data from the site(pyranometer reading etc) , should I expect more options when I do so? I mean in terms of extracting the detailed results that i was asking about.

Best Regards,

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In PVsyst, the "1990" year is an indicator that the data are not real data fo9r a specified year.

See the FAQ "How to obtain meteo data other than for 1990 ?"

The Meteonorm data represent averages of at least 10 years of measurements. The period is mentioned in the data.

For getting values corresponding to each year of your measured data, you should avail of the corresponding Meteorological data.

You can take the ageing of the plant into account by using "Detailed Losses > Ageing" in the project's dialog.

You have a tool for simulating the 15-25 operating years in the project's dialog "Advanced simulation > Aging tool".

Here you may simulate your operating years with the same Meteo data, or specify a meteo file corresponding to each of your years.

You can import your measured data. And even directly compare them to the simulation, using the "Measured Data" button on the main page.

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Regarding "as built" plants, is it possible for me to import measured data (from the previous 6 months) and estimate energy production for the next 6 months? I am also knew at PVsyst and some guidance would really help me;

Thanks in advance

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Is it feasible to import measured data (from the previous 6 months) and predict energy production for the future 6 months for "as constructed" plants? I'm also well-known at PVsyst, and some advice would be really beneficial;
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