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Inverter loss due to nominal power


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I am using PVsyst 7.0 version.

I am facing issue in clipping loss in PVsyst. While comparing the tracker configuration with fixed tilt, the irradiation is high, the generation figure is high in case of trackers. But the inverter loss due to nominal power is more in case of fixed tilt. As per my understanding, inverter loss due to nominal power should be more in tracker system. I have used Canadian 345Wp module and Huawei 90kW inverter in both the cases. Please clarify.

Somika Sinha



SAT PVsyst report snapshot


Fixed tilt PVsyst report snapshot

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Your DC AC ratio is very, very low. My guess is that the peak irradiance which occurs for the SAT is when the trackers are at 0 tilt, compared to the FT system @ 22 tilt, and therefore during peak irradiance hours, the FT system is producing more than the SAT, and it is causing some clipping. The tracker will have higher production before and after peak irradiance, but because irradiance is lower, it's not reaching the production limit of the inverter. So overall it is producing more energy, but not during peak irradiance conditions.
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