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PVsyst v6: Error Saving .OND File in Old Format


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Open PVsyst v6.88. Go to Databases. Grid inverter. SMA. Sunny Tripower 60-US-10 (480 VAC). Open the OND file. Go to Data source, and add the word "Test" at the end. Click OK. Check the checkbox so it is ON for "File compatible with old versions < V6.40". SaveAs (add space here in code a la "Save As"). Add "_Test" at the end of the filename; namely, save as "SMA_Tripower_60_US_10_480_Test.OND". !!! ERROR MESSAGE POPUP !!! It says: "File "SMA_Tripower_60_US_10_480_Test.OND" : (remove space here in code b/w end quotation and colon) Wrong object Type: Read = Undef, waited = GInverter ... Do you want to invalidate it?"

Please advise on why the older inverter .OND file format cannot be saved in PVsyst v6.88!!!

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