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PVsyst interactive map is working with the help of an external provider of interactive map (which is OpenStreetMap since version 6.7.7 and was Google in older version).

Since August 2020, this provider has updated the communication protocol on their interactive map servers resulting in PVsyst Interactive Map not working anymore on all versions published before August 2020. All PVsyst versions older than 7.0.7 and 6.8.8 are impacted.

You have several options to solve this problem depending on your current status:

1. If you are already using PVsyst V7 then use menu to download and install the latest V7 patch. You can use menu to verify that your version is equal or newer than v7.0.7. Note that we highly recommend that you enable the option so you always use PVsyst V7 with the latest patch

2. If you are still using V6 then we recommend that you update to PVsyst v7.0 but this update will involve to buy a new license. You can download this new version from our website using the following link:


Note that you don’t have to uninstall V6. You can use both versions in parallel.

3. Alternatively, you can update to v6.8.8

4. Use the interactive map directly from your favourite Internet Browser and enter your coordinates in PVsyst manually. This procedure is documented in the following links:



FAQ: https://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1934&p=6532&hilit=map#p6532


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