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How to define the sensitive area in the shading scene?

Mr. Sunshine

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I am uncertain on how to define the sensitive are in the shading scene.




Until now I have ignored entering any input assuming PVsyst extracts this information from the PAN file. However, I am now looking into how the sensitive area should be defined. A survey on PVsyst forums does not provide a clear answer on this topic. In one forum PVsyst defines the sensitive area as: sensitive area = NbCells * Cell area.

In consideration to this definition, I have found that the sensitive area defined in the shading scene is consistently larger than the sensitive area defined by the PAN file in the system section of PVsyst.

I would deeply appreciate clear instruction on how to define the sensitive area in the 3D shading scene. In addition, in the case of a dome object in the 3D shading scene, should the sensitive area be twice as large or do I still define the sensitive area for one panel?




Thank you for time and thoughtfulness regarding this matter. Have a great day.

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