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Import SCENE from CAD


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Hello all,

There is a tool in PVsyst to import a shading scene from Helios3D. BUt for those who don´t have Helios3D is there another way to import a layout from CAD to PVsyst?

If I want to create my own import/export from CAD to PVsyst is there a tutorial or any document that explains what are the atributtes from the SHD file? I know I can see how the SHD looks like in a Notepad but there are some which I have no clue what they mean,

Thank you in Advance.


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The *.SHD files are meant for internal use in PVsyst only. We don't provide any description nor ensure maintenance about these files, which have a very complex structure.

You can import CAD files from diverse File formats (.DAE, .3DS, .PVC). See the help "Project design > Shadings > Near Shadings: Import "

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The process that I've adopted for converting from a flat AutoCAD layout to PVsyst is to replace all of the PV racking rectangles with 3D faces within AutoCAD which represent the plane of the PV modules. Since we normally use AutoCAD blocks for each of the PV racks, you can just edit the block and draw a 3D face for the plane, the command in AutoCAD is just 3DFACE.

Once all of the 3D faces are there you can just save the file as a .DXF and use the AutoCAD FBX converter to convert to .DAE. The trick is that for some unknown reason, the FBX converter can't convert DXF directly to DAE, it must convert from DXF --> FBX, then you need to load in the newly created FBX to convert from FBX --> DAE.

The FBX converter is available here:


A screenshot is attached to demonstrate what the 3D Face looks like in AutoCAD


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