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Pump and Controller for Pump


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I using PVsyst 7.0

i want to make my own pump model and controller for pump,

pump : Grundfos SP46-6 (3phase star-delta)

controller : INVT GD100-15G

i inputed the data of the component that i got from datasheet.

but i have a problem. i attach the picture below.

which one should i tick in Pump (Pump input defined) box and in controller (Power Conditioning Unit) box ?



Thank you

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We update the database using the requests of the manufacturers, and publish it with each new issue of PVsyst.

We can't of course follow all the new products of all manufacturers in the world. We don't want to include data without the acknowledgement of the manufacturer.

The creation of a pump is quite complex, please send me the technical sheet in PDF format so that I can provide you with the component

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