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Managing silent installation/uninstallation of PVsyst using Intune


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Hi there, I'm in the process of modernising how we manage PVsyst installations at my company. Historically we've had to manually connect to laptops and install the software on behalf of the user. We're now moving to Microsoft Endpoint Manager and using Intune to manage software distribution and installation across the company. However I'm running into some problems with PVsyst relating to this

I'm able to silently install PVsyst without a problem using the following:

PVsyst- /q

. However silently uninstalling PVsyst is more problematic, according to RegEdit the uninstall command is:

msiexec.exe /x {80C0166C-24D5-447B-8834-9020AFD3CC83} AI_UNINSTALLER_CTP=1

, but this doesn't appear to be working nor does there appear to be a way to have this execute silently if I test the command by itself

Am I using the correct commands or missing a switch at all? If somebody could advise me of their experience and if they managed to resolve this I'd really appreciate it

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