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Cannot simulate trackers with backtracking in the latest patch PVSYST 7.0


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I have set the field type as Tracking tilted or Horiz N-S axis in the orientation parameters with the backtracking option. For the 3D shadings scene, If I select a tracking array and in the tracking parameters, the backtracking is not enabled by default. So if I edit the tracking parameters to enable backtracking, I get the error message saying I should define at least two trackers, which makes sense. However, if I change the trackers from 1 to 2 and enter the E-W pitch and misalign as 0, I am able to close from the tracking field without any error. However, I see the other trackers in my site plan are being shifted. This seems to be a bug in the software, please address the issue. Attached the schreenshot.


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Only one tracker pair needs to be defined throughout the shade scene for backtracking. Place this tracker pair anywhere in the shade scene. The rest can be single trackers, however they need to be spaced apart exactly to what your pitch is.
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