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Help for a total noob


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Hi guys

I'm very new to modeling with PVsyst. Some of my questions may seem as obvious, but please be patient.

I'm trying to model a ground mounted PV array for 10 MW site in the Easter Cape of South Africa. One of the problems that I'm encountering is when opening the Shading/Scene/Construction function, the site seems upside down with North at the bottom and South at the top and I can't find a way to get this to show the right way (North) up. When importing images from Google Earth, they're the right way up with North at the top, so I have to rotate them by 180 deg and I'm constantly designing upside down.

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Defining the south at top in the southern hemisphere is a choice of PVsyst.

This is natural as the installations (tables) are oriented towards north. In this way you see them from front.

If you define the north at top, in the perspective views you will see the PV installation from its rear side.

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