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Transposition factor pvsyst5 and 6


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i just did for same location and same meteorological data PVGIS-SAF compare of transposition factor:



and here PVSYST6:


Why is this diffrence?

and dont know why in both examples is diffrence 1kWh/m2.

Between this 2 cases is like 2 weeks diffrence.

But even 1kWh/m2 shouldnt have so big influence on tilt?


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In the version 5, the default transposition model is the Hay model.

In the version 6, it is the Perez model.

Now these are models (with their uncertainties), not the reality !

The Perez model is known for giving slightly higher transposed values (by 0 .. 2% according to climates, plane tilts, etc).

However please observe that these optima are very broad: a difference of some few degrees (with the same model) represent a very little irradiation difference.

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