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Portrait VS Landscape configuration. Electrical losses


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I am simulating fields according to module string partitions (eg 90% electrical effect), disposing modules (72 cells, NO half cell config) in vertical or horizontal, and the results are almost exactly the same, when you would expect better results for 2H vs 1V as the bypass diodes can take action (even in 2H are worse results in terms of IAM, transposition gain and shadow losses) In both there is 0% electrical losses. Am i wrong or there is no real distinction. Now i am wondering if without strings partition as 1 block the results are being always (almost) the same.

BR, Jose

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The position Portrait vs Landscape only affects the electrical losses. Any other discrepancy has probaly another cause.

The electrical losses may be calculated:

- either using the shading mode option "According to module strings". In this case for sheds or trackers arrangement you should use "Fraction for electrical effect" = 100%.

In you "landscape" case, when you have 2 strings on 2 rows, you should define 2 sub-ectangles in the tables.

- or using the ModuleLayout option.

In your case the rigorous comparison is not possible as the sheds width is about 4 m in 2L, and 1.6 m in 1P configuration. You should keep the GCR constant (adjust the pitch).

However the IAM and transposition should be identical. You have probably something different in your layouts.

By the way you should only compare the electrical losses.

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