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Single string on two different faces


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I have a problem while using PVsyst trial version. Still trying to learn how it works, testing stuff and all. I stumbled on a problem where there is no chance to use modules from single string(for example string is 10 modules, 6 on one face, 4 on other). Is there any way around this using optimizers or something else?

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it is strongly discouraged to put modules of different orientations in a same string. And especially in 2 opposite orientations.

This leads to very high mismatch losses (the current in the string is the current of the worst irradiated module in the string, therefore almost nothing in the morning and the evening).

PVsyst doesn't allow to do that.

The only way would be to use optimizers, which overcome this problem of currents mismatch. However this is not implemented in PVsyst yet.

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