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Weather station Solar Radiation to GlobInc


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my weather station is reporting Solar Radiation every minute in W/m2.

I want to calculate daily & Monthly PR.

How do I use my W/m2 (resolution is in a minute) into the following formula (GlobInc)

PR = E_Grid / (GlobInc * Pnom)

Please help.

Following what it looks from my weather station Solar Radiation sensor. (minute wise)


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Same procedure for daily and monthly calculation:

1. Get total energy output of plant for time period, Egrid (in kWh, MWh, etc)

2. Calculate hourly average of irradiance

3. Use basic calculation E_Grid/(Sum_of_hourly_POA*DC_Plant_Size)


Egrid = 4800 MWh

DC size = 2990 kW

Sum of hourly POA = 1940kWh/m^2

(4800*1000)/(2990*1940) = 82.7%

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If your original data are measured in the horizontal plane, for calculating the GlobInc, you have to use a transposition model.

You can use PVsyst for that.

- Import your Irradiances data file using "Databases > Import Meteo Data > Custom file". When you are here press F1 for the procedure.

NB: PVsyst only works in hourly values. During the import process, it will accumulate your minutes data into hourly values.

- In "Databases", open "Meteo Tables and Graphs".

Here you can see a table of all your data in hourly, daily or monthly values. You can get the values "Global tilted plane", which is indeed GlobInc or POA.

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