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Tilt in shading scene automatically changes


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Hello everyone,

I am planning a solar park with two different arrays: one with a module table tilted at 15 degrees, one with a module table tilted at 20 degrees.

In the orientation part I also defined two different fields with these tilts.

When I run the simulation, save this variant, open another variant and then return to the previous one, the inclination has automatically changed from 15 to 15.4 degrees. This also changes the size ratio of the two arrays.

I have tried several times, always with the same result...

Do you have an idea how this happens?

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much for your prompt reply dtarin.

You meant the parameters in "other limitations" under "project settings", right?

I have set the two parameters "Discriminating orient. difference between shading planes" and "Maximum orient. difference for defing average (spread) orientation" as low as possible.

Unfortunately this did not work. Did I misunderstand your hint?

Best regards

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Hm. I can readily design a system with 2 tables at 15 and 20 degree tilt.

-I select multiple orientations under orientation and define the two orientations.

-In system tab, I have two sub-arrays, each one assigned to one of the orientations.

-In project settings/other limitations, I have defined the limits to be 1 degree and 10 degrees respectively (I have modified this in hidden parameters as well).

-In the shade scene. I have created one table at 15 degrees and one at 20 degrees.

-In tools > edit orientations menu of the shade scene, I confirm the tolerance is 1 degree, and that two orientations are defined, with modules allocated to each.

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