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Loss and efficiency in battery at Storage system(peaking shaving) with grid limited

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Hi there,

My name is Nancy, i am wondering that how you define the (maximum and euro)efficiency in peak shaving storage system(project design/storage/peaking shaving/peaking shaving)?

In my project, it is a grid connected system with battery stored. And the battery connected in the AC side.

When we consider the loss and efficiency in the battery side(project design/storage/peaking shaving/peaking shaving), there are two efficiency in the battery input charger and battery to grid inverter(basis charging and discharging). The maximum efficiency and EURO efficiency(equivalent)(project design/storage/peaking shaving/peaking shaving/), What kinds of factors are impact those efficiency? For example, in terms of charging, Are the efficiency including the whole battery system, such as PCS(Energy Storage Power Conversion System) efficiency, transformer system, cable connect between the batteries and battery bank to PCS, PCS to the transformer? Or just the efficiency of battery itself(battery charging efficiency)

And comparing with AC loss and external transformer loss in detaid loss, Are these efficiency overlap with the AC loss after the inverter/external transformer loss(Detailed loss/ohmic losses/AC losses after the inverter(full system)?

Thanks for much




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For the barttery system management, you have

- losses of the charging device (AC > DC converter) represented by an efficiency curve as for inverters,

- losses of the battery itself (difference Charging / Discharging energy)

- losses of the inverter device,

- all losses at the output of the inverter may also be specified (AC wiring, transfo losses) in the same way as for a usual system.

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