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Pvsyst euro efficiency calculation


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Good morning,

I am creating a new .OND model, but the EU efficiency calculated by PVsyst is not the same that the one I obtend, with the formula:

Euro Efficiency = 0.03 x Eff5% + 0.06 x Eff10% + 0.13 x Eff20% + 0.1 x Eff30% + 0.48 x Eff50% + 0.2 x Eff100%

I get 99.30% and PVsyst 99.21%.

When I insert the 8 values of the "efficiency curve": P(ac) and efficiency, the first one is 0. and the rest values correspond to the % of the Euro efficiency values. Is it correct?

Thanks for your clarification,

Best regards

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