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Amorphous / Microcrystalline Module Simulation


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I'm having some trouble with simulatin thin-film systens in PVsyst 5.65.

I got the pv data from photon, for the DuPont Apollo DA142-C (that is amorpohus/Microcrystalline Silicon) but the temperature power coefficient is always positive.

The problem is that my system is operating better, i.e., it is gerenating more power with a higher temperature.

I found that there's a 'hidden' coefficient for amorphous, the d²MuTau, but it's always shown as "0.0 /V" in the module.

Has anyone faced this problem before? Or give me a tip about solvin this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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When defining an amorphous modules, the parameters (specific to the PVsyst model) are not easy to determine.

The best way is to let PVsyst choose all parameters at their default value (Rshunt, Rserie, d2muTau). The temperature coefficient muPmpp should be specified according to the datasheets (negative value).

Please pass and check the default checkboxes several times until stabilization, as these parameters are highly interdependent (especially d2MuTau <=> reserie).

This is a delicate choice. If you have real difficulties you can send me the datasheets and I will analyse the situation.

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