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When will tracking systems on sloping terrain be supported

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The new version of PVsyst (version 7.0, released today) does not have support for tracking orientations on sloping terrain. We were hoping that would be included in this revision. Do you have a schedule for when tracking on sloping terrain will be supported? We have a number of sites like this and we need to be able to model their performance.
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Could you please provide details on the first two methods mentioned? Specifically for East-West slope.

I have tried placing trackers by hand with varying object Z positions, but the software gives me an error with backtracking (see image).

I have also tried filling a zone with trackers, but can only do this with trackers tilted North-South, which isn't exactly the same as a North-South ground slope. I did see a "Baseline Slope" field but it is greyed out and not editable.



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