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AC ohmic losses Nom Power


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In the new version 7 detailed losses/AC ohmic losses definition part, the software takes as STC Pac the DC nominal power instead of the AC one.

Because of this it keeps giving an error saying that the transformer power is lower than the Inverter global output.

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+1, thanks for sharing issue. I would have thought PVsyst would separate xfmr loss and ac loss with independent Bases especially since the new transformer section allows user to type in a kVA rating. This applies to MV and HV tranformer "Nominal Power" under Datasheets section.

Also, if your transformer nominal power typed in is too large PVsyst will error as well. Example xfmr is 8000kva and inverter nom is 3000 from .ond.

"HV transfo: The Transformer nominal power is far higher than the maximum output power of the inverter, i.e.

Future Development Request: AC loss section & new MV cable section to provide similar flexibility similar to the new transformer section appears to have in v7. Allow user to type in custom base rating and type in %ac ohmic or kw cable loss instead of forced into a base of Pac(stc)=Pdc(stc)*(efficiency).

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