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I just installed the new version 7 hoping that several requests of the past would be implemented but with no luck.

These are all about the behavior of the report.

1)In page 1 or 2, where it shows the IAM user defined table, the "IAM user defined" string is overlapped on itself and can't be read.

2)For big sites it takes minutes to just open the report. I guess this is related to the 3D scene being rendered every time. Wouldn't be easier to render the image when we save the image for the report and use that image as it is in the report?

3)Please give us the possibility of setting defaults for what pages we want in report and what graphs in those pages. Now we have to change them every time we re open the report.

Hoping these get some attention, Best regards

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Hello !

We did not improve the report much for PVsyst 7.0 (only the Module Layout printing), but we will release big improvements for it in PVsyst 7.1.

We plan to :

- improve the layout for a better design and less overlaps,

- use image files instead of re-calculating the 3D scene for the Shadings part,

The default pages would also be a good improvement in my opinion, we'll see if we can make it happen too.

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