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Missing values at "Energy inject into grid"


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My name is Tayzer and I'm doing a project inside PVsyst using the site file "De Bilt", and after the simulation, I went to Detailed results --> Daily graphs --> select the "Available Energy at Inverter Output" and "Energy injected into grip" appears the picture attached.

I got stuck to understand why I have some days in June, September and November without values on the Energy inject to the grip as usually have the same value as the "Available energy at inverter output", does anyone knows where I can find information on PVsyst about this missing values.

Thank you so much.


The month of June with the missing information from day 11th till 13th


The month of September with the missing information from day 18th till 20th


The month of November with the missing information from day 12th till 13th

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