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Power Factor in Batch Simulation


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Hello PVsyst team,

It would be helpful if Power Factor was added as a variable to the batch simulation process.

Is it be possible for users to modify row 12 and add a power factor variable here in the mean time?


1	PVsyst simulations Batch mode;
2	Simulation parameters definition;
3	File Created on 19/03/20 11:25;
4	;
5	Project ;;;PROJECT_NAME.PRJ;
6	Variants based on;;VCZ;VARIANT_NAME;
7	;
8	Please define the parameters to be varied for each run;
9	Don't modify anything in the column titles !;
10	Only the lines beginning by  "SIM_" will be executed;
11	;
12	Ident;Create hourly;Mod. quality;Simul;
13	;file;loss;Comment;
14	;File name;[%];;
15	;

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