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including EUnused in the report in case of Grid power limitation


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I have 2 doubts:

1) when doing a simulation with grid power limitation scenario, is there a way to define zero limit for grid injection?


2) I have successfully imported the user load data from a CSV file. I have also set the grid power limitation at 1kW. After running the simulation, I have generated the report. Now in report settings > "Report preferences" tab > "Monthly results table" section, by default in column 7 (E_User) and in column 10 (EFrGrid) is there. Now when I am adding "EUnused" in column 8, it appears in the report but shows 0 values, whereas in the loss diagram it shows, 5.5% loss due to unused energy. I have attached the screenshots of the same.



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It depends on which version of PVsyst you are using.

For the first question:

Defining 1 kW for the grid injection limit is not really the right way, as the process for handling the losses after the inverter is not simple, and may lead to uncertainties if the difference between produced and limited power is too high (because it involves quadratic ohmic losses).

For this situation, the best way is to let the energy be delivered to the grid, and consider that the injected energy is indeed unused energy.

In the latest versions, you have the option "Allow solar injection into the grid".

For the second question:

This depends on the version you are using. There was probably a bug concerning this in an previous version, I don't remember well.

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