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PV loss due to temperature

Sangwon Lee

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I am modeling the grid connected PV plant about 50MW and I am wondering how to calculate "PV loss due to temperature" in PVsyst.

As i know, "PV loss due to temperture" is the factor related to the module temperature which would be calculated with the ambient temperature, heat loss factor and temperature coeffiicient for module.

So, I think if tilt is increased, "PV loss due to temperature" would be increased because of the increase of global incident.

However the result of simulation I got didn't have that kind of trend.

the result of simulation (PV loss due to temperature)

tilt 20° 21° 22° 23° 24° 25° 26° 27° 28° 29° 30°

PV loss due the temp. -1.28% -1.29% -1.29% -1.30% -1.30% -1.30% -1.30% -1.30% -1.30% -1.29% -1.29%

PV loss due the temp. is increased steadily accorting to tile to 28°, but more than 28°, the loss is dropped. I don't know the reason why the loss is dropped in spite of increase of tilt.

please let me know the correlation between "PV loss due to tempertrue" and tilt.

thank you.

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