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Problem with Worskpace folder


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Hi, in 2018 I downloaded the trial version of PVsyst. Today I have re-downloaded and installed the updated trial version but I have the following problem.


As soon as I open the program I am told that I have to change the workspace. The current workspace (C: \ Users \ Master \ Desktop \ DSF \ Pvsys \ PVsyst660_Data) no longer exists, I tried to create a new one but the program says that subfolders are missing. If I try to choose a different folder I keep saying "This folder doesn't contain a workspace for PVsyst 6". I opened PVsyst 6 Help and I am told "To switch from the current workspace to another one, go to main Menu >> Files >> Workspace >> Switch ..." but I cannot click on the Main Menu (behind the window "Change workspace"). How can I solve it? How can I create a new Worskpace?

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