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Problem on synthetic hourly data where GlobInc, Uarray is normal but negative E_Grid value obtained

Jason Chua

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Has anyone run into the same problem? I'm using PVsyst v6.86 version to perform my simulation, but surprise that I found out an error on the synthetic hourly data as shown picture below with the highlighted in red rectangular box.

GlobInc is slightly better against the rest, but Uarray is lowest among the rest too. However, I am surprised that how come E_Grid is getting a positive value and the rest are in negative.

Appreciate someone could able to answer my doubts.


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The UArray is depending on the PV modules temperature.

But it is also depending on the operating conditions: in all the hours shown, the system is not working so that the voltage is at Voc.

The point for 21/06 at 18:00 is the only one above the operating threshold, therefore with system in operation (UArray = Vmpp).

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