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need to maintain variants while changing meteo and site files

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Is there a way to copy a project, keeping the variants, then changing the meteo and site files and have them apply to the existing variants? Whenever I create a new project, all existing variants are based on the previous site/meteo files and I can't determine how to change them to the new site/meteo files. I feel like this should be a reasonable idea since testing different weather files is common, and you don't want to rebuild a system (and near-shadings model) from scratch each time.

Any advise is much appreciated!


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Yes. Just select a different meteo and site file and re-save the project from within the project you are working in. On the Site line, select the magnifying glass ans search for a new site to open and select new site. It will then load and search for nearby meteo files. Select the one you wish to run, save project, and run.

If you are running multiple meteo files, it might be easier to use batch simulations to run them.

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Thanks for the response. That was very simple. I guess I just never actually tried to run the simulation again after switching to recalculate with the new files. It showed the previous site/met used for the variant, and when i clicked "run simulation" it said it had already been computed, which deterred me from proceeding. The seems silly in hind-sight.


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