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selfconsumption optimisation using water heating control

Etienne Guerin

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In order to evaluate selfconsumption optimisation, I would like to simulate the shifting of energy consumptions for water heating using a control system like the Ohmpilot from Fronius.

Currently, the home owner has a water heating tube with a capacity of 200L and heating power of 2500W.

I am considering using the Grid-storage function from PVsyst for this simulation. I am, however, unsure about battery parameters to set ...

Your help would be much welcome ! :)

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, you can define a "normal" system with self-consumption and storage, and consider the energy injected into the grid as the heating energy of the hotwater tank.

The battery sizing is completely dependent on your requirements (load profile, PV power and required self-consumption).

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