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Can't simulate mixed orient sub-arrays by optimizer and 3D model


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I use PVsyst V6.78 version.

I would like to simulate the mixed orientation sub-arrays by 3D model

to use 1x1000kW inverter(1xmppt) connected two types of orientation sub-arrays without/with optimizers.

When I simulate without optimizers, I can select the ratio of Orient#1 and Orient#2 in "System" menu,

which shows scroll bar to modulate the ratio.

I also made two table zones and set modules in 3D model in "Near Shading" menu to fit the same ratio of orient #1 and #2.

It worked.

However, when I simulate with optimizers(string type optimizers),

the scroll bar to modulate orient#1/#2 does not display.

Is there any method to calculate 1xinverter(1xmppt) connected two types of orientation sub-arrays with optimizers in 3D model?

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