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Leading or lagging Power Factor setting

Wong Wei Chong

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I have question on whether I should select leading or lagging Power factor in PVsyst.

I am doing a grid connected PV system. As far as I know, transmission line is normally inductive due to more inductive loads at downstream and this causes the P.F to be lagging.

So when the grid has asked my PV system to compensate the reactive power and operate my PV system at say 0.9 P.F, should I set it at 0.9 lagging (following the P.F of the grid at point of connection?) or leading as I am actually supplying reactive power to improve the lagging line P.F?

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Generally we see the PF of solar plants set to leading, to absorb vars from the grid, so var flow direction is opposite of the watt flow direction when the solar plant is producing. The utility should send a letter specifying the requirement according to the interconnection agreement.
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